12 Reasons Why Glamping is the Best

Glamping, or glamorous camping, is the way to go when wanting an outdoor getaway. It takes all of the best parts of an outdoor adventure and combines it with the comforts of a hotel. For those that want to be in the outdoors but don’t want to give up their luxuries, glamping is perfect for you!

1. Sitting around a cozy campfire on a chilly night

campfireNothing beats sitting around a campfire on a chilly night with some marshmallows and hot dogs to eat!


2. Getting to experience nature

garden-of-the-gods-viewGlamping is the perfect way to see the world and have a comfortable bed too! With the vast world out there, there is a lot so see and do!


3. Waking up to this every morning

Wake up relaxed with a gorgeous view in the mountains, by the beach, or nestles in the hills!

Photo Credit: Altered Vision Photography


4. Watching the sky turn colors

carrabelle-beach-sunsetThere is something magical about a sunset!


5. Getting to star gaze

catherine's landingThere aren’t many places besides nature that allow you to lay back and watch the stars as the night comes alive!

Photo Credit : Altered Vision Photography


6. Coffee and cozy sweaters on cool mornings

coffeeDon’t forget your coffee!

Photo Credit : torycakes


7. Relaxing in a hammock

mountain-springs-hammockI have never found time spent among nature to be a waste of time. So relax the day away in a hammock!


8. Having an experience that your kids wont forget!

kayaking-with-familyKids will never remember their best day of television!


9. You can get amazing photos

deerSome of the most amazing connections are the ones you make with wildlife!

Photo Credit: Altered Vision Photography


10. Reading while in serenity

carrabelle-beach-readerWe lose ourselves in books, we find ourselves too!


11. Eating Crazy Food

campfire-browniesWho doesn’t want to try making brownies in an orange? Check out more chocolate campfire recipes here!


12. Bonding with the ones you love

catherines-landing-familyAt the end of the day glamping brings everyone together!

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