15 Camping Tip Diagrams

Need help learning how to start a campfire, how to identify poisonous plants or how to construct the perfect s’more?  Check out these diagrams from Buzzfeed, they are sure to teach you a thing or two about the outdoors!  Save and share with your friends and family on your next outdoor vacation!

1. How to Build a Campfire

15 helpful camping tip diagrams

2. Everything You Need to Know About the Technicality of S’mores

15 tips

3. How to Estimate Remaining Daylight with Your Hand

15 tips

4. Snacks to Pack

15 camping tips

5. What You Can Do to Repel Mosquitoes

15 tips

6. Backpacker’s Checklist

15 camping tips

7. How to Rig a Tarp

15 camping tips

8. How to Get Your Dutch Oven to the Right Temperature

15 camping tips

You can very easily adapt recipes you can make in a kitchen oven to an outdoor dutch oven.

9. How to Identify Animal Tracks

How to Identify Animal Tracks

10. 10 Easy Fire Starters

10 Easy Fire Starters

11. Kayak Camping Checklist

Kayak Camping Checklist

12. A Guide to Hammock Camping

A Guide to Hammock Camping

13. Guide to Spider Bites

Guide to Spider Bites

14. Checklist for Car Camping

Checklist for Car Camping

15. How to React to a Wildlife Encounter

How to React to a Wildlife Encounter

15. Know Your Poisonous Plants

Know Your Poisonous Plants

via [Buzzfeed]

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