17 Items to Make RV Camping Easier

While RV camping is often easier than tent camping, there are still a few items you will definitely want to have on hand to make the experience as relaxing as possible. Therefore, we have compiled a list of 18 crucial items that are sure to make your RVing experience as easy as possible.

1. Matches or Lighter

Most RV ovens require the user to have a lighter on hand in order to be used. Additionally, starting a campfire or grill without matches can be difficult, to say the least.


Image Source: http://www.topportalreview.com/top-10-best-lighter-bbq-kitchen-use-2015-reviews/

2. Headlamp or Flashlight

Late-night trips to the bathhouse and adventures in the woods at dusk both call for some sort of light source. Be sure to always have a flashlight or headlamp handy when camping.


Image Source:https://gearjunkie.com/fenix-hl55-headlamp-review

3. Water Hose Adapter

Setting up camp is one of the least glamorous parts of any camping trip. Make it easier with a click-to-connect water hose adapter.


Image Source: https://www.etrailer.com/Camco/CAM36153.html

4. Two-Way Radios

Not all camping spots offer good cellular reception. However, it is still important to keep in touch with your campmates. This is why a set of two-way radios is always good to have around.


Image Source: http://roadslesstraveled.us/tips-tricks/

5. Bicycles

Campgrounds have a tendency to be fairly large. Walking around these places can be tiring, and driving a car seems pretty silly. A bicycle provides the perfect compromise.


Image Source: http://www.columbian.com/news/2014/may/31/rv-camping-couple-sample-campgrounds-by-acting-as/

6. French Press

If you are a coffee person, a French press is a must-have. Buy one especially for the RV and keep it there. This device will allow you to have hot, delicious coffee whether or not you have access to electricity.


Image Source: http://theariesmanchronicles.blogspot.com/2015/09/2-fp-coffee-maker-french-press-w.html

7. Weather Radio

Keeping tabs on the weather is an incredibly important thing to do while camping. For this reason, a battery- or crank-operated weather radio is a must-have.


Image Source: http://bestweatherradioreviews.com/why-you-should-have-a-weather-radio-while-camping/

8. Small Ladder

You never know when you might need to get a frisbee out of a tree, check up on your RV roof, or reach some other high-up place. A small ladder will serve you well for these purposes.


Image Source: http://www.loveyourrv.com/finally-picked-myself-up-a-proper-ladder-for-fulltime-rving/

9. Tablecloth and Weights

The picnic tables at campgrounds are not usually the cleanest things. A simple tablecloth and a set of tablecloth weights can help ease concerns about table cleanliness.


Image Source: http://www.chezlarsson.com/blog/2010/06/panduro-concrete-challenge.html

10. Shower Caddy

If you are one to head to the bathhouse for your showers, a shower caddy is an incredibly handy item to have around.


Image Source: http://www.doityourselfrv.com/shower-caddies/

11. Extension Cord

Sometimes the electric hook-ups are too far from where you are parked. Other times, you just need a long cord to plug in your awning lights. Either way, an extension cord is always nice to have.


Image Source: http://blog.rvshare.com/rv-electrical/

12. Folding Chairs

If you like hanging out outside your camper, folding chairs are something you will definitely want to have. The campground picnic tables are not always available and they don’t provide comfortable seating anyway. Personal chairs are a much better option.


13. Toolkit

Unfortunately, RVs do have their fair share of problems from time to time. Be prepared to deal with these issues by packing a toolkit whenever you head out.


Image Source: https://rvtechwithrvrob.com/2016/04/16/whats-in-my-rv-toolbag/wp_20160413_17_13_49_pro/

14. Wipes

From dirty hands and faces to messy tabletops, there is plenty that needs cleaning during a camping trip. A pack of wipes can make these messy situations a breeze to deal with.


Image Source: http://www.happinessishomemade.net/clever-organization-hacks-that-cost-next-to-nothing/

15. Surge Protector

Nobody wants to see their RV electrical system fried by a power surge. Prevent this from happening to your rig by using a surge protector.


Image Source: http://www.trucktrend.com/features/travel/1304rv-outfitting-your-new-rv-just-the-essentials/

16. Leveling Kit

Sometimes campsites just aren’t as level as we might like. A leveling kit can make dealing with this issue much easier.


Image Source: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Lynxlevelers-RV-Leveling-Kit/16778427

17. Sewer Hose Support

Another common problem occurs when making sure sewage is running downhill and into the sewer. This is because sewer connections are not always logical. A sewer hose support system will help tremendously.


Image Source: http://www.suggest-keywords.com/cHZjIGNvbm5lY3Rpb25z/

By creating a well-stocked set of RV essentials, you can ensure all future camping trips are just as laid-back as you wish them to be. Begin with the items on this list, but don’t stop there! Keep adding items that suit your personal needs until you feel your setup is complete.

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