20 Essential Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Camping Dad

Summer is just around the corner, and that means camping season is nearly here. Help Dad start the camping season out right with one of these great camping gift ideas.

1. Eno DoubleNest Hammock

There is no better way to relax than lounging in a hammock at camp. String the hammock between two trees and take a well-deserved nap after a long day of exploring. Plus, the Eno DoubleNest has room for two!


Image Source: https://www.eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com/shop/hammocks/doublenest-hammock/

2. Suunto M-3 D Leader Compass

One of the essentials in the camping kit, the Suunto Leader compass is sure to inspire the adventure-seeking dad.


Image Source: https://www.rei.com/product/890930/suunto-m-3-d-leader-compass

3. Hydro Flask 64oz Wide Mouth Growler

For the dad who never seems to get enough hydration, choose the Hydro Flask 64oz growler. Fill it with water, beer, lemonade, or iced tea and it will stay cold for 24 hours, and there will be plenty to go around.


Image Source: https://www.hydroflask.com/64-oz-growler#92=51

4. Goal Zero Flip 20 Recharger

Perfect for the weekend camping trip, the Flip 20 will ensure that dad’s tech is always charged. It easily holds two full charges for a smart phone and other devices.


Image Source: http://www.goalzero.com/p/308/flip-20-recharger

5. Ultimate Survival Technologies Camp Ax

That firewood isn’t going to chop itself! This handy and durable camp ax is sure to help dad keep the family warm at night.


Image Source: https://www.ustbrands.com/product/camp-axe/

6. REI Co-op Camp Stowaway Low Chair

Made for quick and easy setup, the REI Stowaway chair will take up little space in the car and leave room for more important things, while keeping him comfy by the fire.


Image Source: https://www.rei.com/product/765270/rei-co-op-camp-stowaway-low-chair

7. Swiss Army Huntsman Knife

Another essential piece of camping gear: the classic Swiss Army knife. Give dad the gift of dependable utility with the timeless Swiss Army Huntsman knife.


Image Source: https://www.swissarmy.com/us/en/Products/Swiss-Army-Knives/Medium-Pocket-Knives/Huntsman/p/1.3713

8. Ultimate Survival Technologies Tool Micro Dog Multitool

The Micro Dog Multitool is a must-have camping tool for the dad who loves his furry friend. It includes a flathead screwdriver, bottle opener, file, 5 different hex wrenches and a ruler.


Image Source: https://www.rei.com/product/110440/ultimate-survival-technologies-tool-a-long-micro-dog-multitool

9. Osprey Men’s Talon 33 Pack

Perfect for a quick overnight camping trip, the Osprey Talon 33 backpack has plenty of room for all of the essentials.


Image Source: https://www.ospreypacks.com/us/en/product/talon-33-TALON33.html

10. Snow Peak Titanium Double Wall Cup

Morning coffee has never tasted so good.The double-walled Snow Peak cup will make sure that dad’s coffee stays hotter longer, and the durability will give him morning coffee comfort for a lifetime.


Image Source: https://snowpeak.com/products/titanium-double-450-mug?variant=671141837

11. GSI Outdoors Wine Glass Set

For the discerning dad, wine is an essential part of every outing, camping included. The GSI Wine Glass provides style and opulence for those cozy nights by the campfire.


Image Source: http://www.gsioutdoors.com/wine-glass-gift-set-terroir.html

12. Outdoor Research Zip Sack

Get dad organized! These zip sacks will make packing more simple and stress-free. No more digging around in the backpack for his headlamp.


Image Source: https://www.outdoorresearch.com/us/en/zip-sack-small/p/2427260529222

13. YETI Tundra 45 Cooler

The Yeti Tundra cooler is perfect for weekend family car camping with plenty of space to keep a couple of days worth of food cold and safe.


Image Source: http://yeti.com/tundra-45-cooler

14. Patagonia Men’s Sol Patrol II LS Shirt

The perfect camp shirt; made of 100% polyester ripstop, the durable and quick-drying Patagonia Sol Patrol shirt will be sure to withstand the rigors of outdoor camping adventures.


Image Source: http://www.patagonia.com/product/mens-long-sleeved-sol-patrol-ii-shirt/54259.html

15. Deuter Kid Comfort 2 Pack

For dads with younger kids, the Deuter Kid Comfort 2 backpack will allow him to trek longer and farther without worrying about a tired kid.


Image Source: http://www.deuter.com/US/us/kids/kid-comfort-2-46514-red.html

16. Snow Peak Titanium Cutlery Set

Give dad the gift of long-lasting camp cutlery. The Snow Peak Titanium set will last a lifetime and save weight in the pack.


Image Source: https://www.rei.com/product/114823/snow-peak-full-cutlery-set

17. MPOWERD Luci EMRG Inflatable Solar Lantern

The MPOWERD Solar Lantern is the perfect way to keep the tent illuminated without the need of batteries. Charge the lantern by the campsite during the day and he will enjoy ideal reading conditions at night.


Image Source: https://mpowerd.com/products/luci-emrg

18. CamelBak Crux 3L Reservoir

Simple hydration on the go; the three liters in the Camelbak Crux will make sure that dad stays hydrated for longer. No more reaching for water bottles, the water reservoir makes for easy access on the trail.

Image Source: CamelBak Crux 3L Reservoir – 3 Liters

19. Mountain Summit Gear Roll Top Kitchen

The Mountain Summit Gear kitchen is a fantastic addition to dad’s camp cooking arsenal with plenty of room for hearty campsite meals.


Image Source: https://www.rei.com/product/114087/mountain-summit-gear-roll-top-kitchen

20. UE Roll 2 Portable Speaker

Keep the tunes playing even at the campsite! The UE Roll 2 Portable Speaker provides enough power for a 8-hours of music, and the rugged, waterproof construction of the Roll 2 ensures that the music will withstand years of abuse.


Image Source: https://betanews.com/2016/05/24/ultimate-ears-ue-roll-2-logitech/

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