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5 Must See Places on Hot Springs, AR

June 14th, 2013

1. Garvan Woodland Gardens
Garvan Woodland Gardens show The Natural State of Arkansas at it's best.  From the Waterfall on Lake Hamilton to the Spring Tulip Extravaganza there is something for everyone to enjoy! Garvan Woodland Gardens is the perfect for a day trip with the family or a romantic evening stroll with a special someone!  From the dynamic architectural structures to the majestic botanical landscapes, Garvan Woodland
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The Art of Foil Wrapping

June 4th, 2013

"Foil wrapping" is a great and easy way to make delicious meals over the campfire.  There are two different techniques that can be used, based on what you're cooking.

The Flat Pack

The "Flat Pack" is best for foods such as meat where you’re looking for more browning.

1. Place the food in the middle of the sheet of foil. (Mix ingredients in the separate bowl before placing in foil).

2. ...

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