22 Genius Products for Outdoor Adventures

Every outdoor adventure deserves a unique item to make it more fun, easy, or enjoyable! These genius products bring a new life to any outdoor experience!

1. Biolite Camping Stove


“If you’ve gone camping before, you’ve probably used a propane cooker or propane lantern. It works, but propane gives off toxic gases when burned and you have to bring propane canisters with you — heavy, flammable, and what if you run out? Biolite CampStove solves this problem. Just use twigs and wood chips you find anywhere, and you have clean-burning fire and electricity.” Get it here!

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2. A Scrubba: A Pocket Size Washing Machine 


Don’t you wish there was a way to freshen up your clothes after a hike or long day on the lake? The scrubba is for world travelers and camper enthusiasts alike. Get one here for an easy way to quickly freshen up those not so fresh clothes!

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3. The No-Blind-Spot Rearview Mirror


This mirror features a 180° panoramic view that allows the driver to continuously monitor adjacent vehicles when merging or changing lanes without turning his or her head. This would be great for road trips or when you’re hauling a trailer to have a better awareness of your surroundings. Get it here!

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4. Personalized Tents


So many Instagram-worthy photos to be had with one of these sturdy, beautiful, and quirky tents from Field Candy. They are loved by all, including many celebrities!

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5. Ultra Ever Dry


Tired of your tent, shoes, and gear getting soaked when you go camping? Ultra-Ever Dry is a hydrophobic coating which, applied correctly, will repel water and waterproof anything. Spray it on your tent, hiking shoes, backpack, or anything you will be carrying with you on your adventures.  You can get it here!

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6. An Inflatable Tent


For the lazy camper, this tent requires no stakes or poles or rope to deal with. Get it here.



7. Outdoor Kitchen


Perfect for camping or glamping, bring all of your cooking necessities in this easy to carry box! Get it here.

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8. Solar-Powered Water Bottle 


Ensures you have emergency light without taking up precious space. Get one here!

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9. The Ultimate Swiss Army Knife. 


What outdoors-men doesn’t need the best Swiss Army Knife available? It’s 80 tools in one! It even includes a handy fish scaler. Get it here.

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10. Portable Kitchen that Folds Up in a Suitcase


The Grub Hub® stores and transports all camp kitchen gear then sets up in 3 minutes to provide tables, stove support, lantern support  and organization needed for a complete campsite “HUB”. It makes getting outdoors easy, fun and highly sustainable. Get it here.

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11. Bed Tent


For those who enjoy the finer things in life and a bit of privacy during their outdoor adventures this is for you! It folds out to the size of a twin bed and zips up to provide comfort and privacy! Available from Amazon.

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12. Cast Iron Waffle Maker


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So when you need to prioritize your highly specialized cooking utensils for your next outdoor adventure a waffle maker is worth the weight. Get one here.

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13. Portable Sink


There’s always a high maintenance one in the group. This is a three-gallon/11-liter travel sink with built-in organizer constructed of food grade polyethylene will be perfect for them! Get it here.

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14. Propane Coffee Maker


Because nature doesn’t tolerate irritable campers. This propane coffee maker works just like your regular one at home! To turn it on, just push the InstaStart™ Push-Button Ignition for matchless lighting for ten cups of coffee. Get it from Amazon.

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15. Solar Lights


Fully waterproof and shatterproof, with a built-in rechargeable battery, all-in-one Luci lanterns hold a charge for up to 12 hours and stay bright all night. Get yours here!

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16. Handspresso Portable Espresso


For the serious coffee addicts who need their espresso in the morning, this is for you! Perfect for traveling, you will always have your espresso on hand! Get yours here!

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17. ENO Hammock


Perfect for the outdoor adventurers! The Double Deluxe hammock is 20 in. wider than the popular DoubleNest hammock, providing ample space for 2 or more people to sway in comfort on a summer day. Get yours here!

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18. Collapsible Kayak


On the water this kayak glides like a dream. It’s stable enough for beginners, while the length and contouring make it fast and sporty for expert kayakers. There’s plenty of room to stash gear (or a picnic) for day trips and short camping excursions. Best of all, transforming it from box to boat only takes just a few minutes.

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19. Campfire Roasting Rods


Sure, you can break a stick off a tree for free. But will you feel like you’re reeling in the delicious catch of a lifetime? Get yours here!

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20. Glowing Tent Stakes


On behalf of everyone who has ever stubbed a toe on their tent stakes, a big thank you goes out to the maker of these! Get yours here!

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21. A Cooler/Air Conditioner


Ever wake up sweaty in your tent and just wish there was a way to cool off? The IcyBreeze is a portable air conditioner + cooler in one! Perfect for staying cool during those hot summers!

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22. Fish Popsicle Molds


After a long hot day of outdoor adventures you need these awesome Popsicles! Shapes include shark, clownfish, octopus, whale, and puffer fish. They even have unique skeletons when you finish your treat! Buy these for the toddler in your life and then “forget” to give him the gift. Get it here.

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