25 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for the Adventurous

Do you have an appetite for adventure? Would you consider yourself a wanderlust? Maybe your dreams of living life on the edge don’t fit into your current life situation. Or your bucket list is writing checks that your salary can’t cash. For now you can live vicariously through others by following these 25 Instagram accounts.

1. National Geographic

There’s something about National Geographic’s travel account that over 18 million people love. Maybe it’s the videos of humpback whales feeding or the perfect picture of the Northern Lights. Whatever it is, you don’t want to miss it.

2. National Geographic Adventure

Although less popular, @natgeoadventure is worth a follow too.

3. Travel and Leisure

Almost 3 million people follow this account, and you probably should too.

4. Travel Channel

They only boast half as many travelers as @travelandleisure, but it’s still enough to add to the list of top travel accounts on Instagram.

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5. Vacations

Hot air balloons hovering over a sunset in Turkey? The famous bicycle in front of the canal in Amsterdam? The Eiffel Tower lit up at night? You never know what you’ll see from this account, but it will definitely have you dreaming of your next getaway.

6. Budget Travel

This page features photos from followers who use the hashtag #MyBudgetTravel and although most posts feature spots in the United States, any location is fair game.

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7. Smarter Travel

The posts from this account not only will inspire you, but they will give you advice too.

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8. Orbitz

Travel agency Orbitz knows how to boost business with amazing posts and also features contests where you can win Orbucks to fund your own travels.

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9. Outdoorsy

The perfect account for those who are looking to take their RV or other recreational vehicle on the road, sharing stories from users who use the hashtag #NeverIdle.

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10. Eastern Mountain Sports

Outdoor adventures are featured on the Instas for sporting goods company Eastern Mountain Sports for outdoor adventure.

11. REI

A classic in the outdoors world and an absolute necessary for any travel and outdoors enthusiast.

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12. Adrenalist Co

Another exciting account to follow is @adrenalistco which is a company that makes quality sunglasses and watches. 10% of every purchase supports the National Park Foundation and 90% of their Instagram posts are not advertisements.

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13. The Travel Bite

If you love food as much as you love travel, check out this account who takes all of her own photographs of places she visits and, of course, delicious food.

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14. Currently Wandering

Just because an account doesn’t have millions of followers, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t click that blue button. @currentlywandering is the Instagram account for a minimalist family that travels throughout North America in an Airstream, homeschools their three children, and enjoys the outdoors.

15. Nonstop Travelling

And then there are those perfect couples. Lauren and Craig are adorable. They’ve been travelling the world since 2008 and since then have visited over 50 countries and driven 5 camper vans. Follow their crazy adventures here.

16. Salt in our Hair

Another couple who loves to travel is Nick and Hannah. Their popular blog, Instagram, and Youtube channel @saltinourhair is so successful that they quit their regular jobs to maintain them.

17. Roamaroo

There are plenty of exotic places featured on @roamaroo too. This travelling couple hosts “Uncharted Discoveries” for the Travel Channel.

18. Wilderness Culture

This account has truly breathtaking photographs from all over the world which are submitted by other Instagrammers through their website.

19. Vanlife Diaries

Their posts will make you consider selling everything you own to buy a van, turn it into a home, and travel full time.

20. The American Roadtripper

Marvel at all America has to offer. What sets this account apart from many others is that the posts are almost always tagged and have captions with great information.

21. Roadtrippers

In addition to following @roadtrippers you need to download their app which will help you plan your next road trip adventure, no matter how big or small.

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22. Glacier National Park

Finally, although national parks are the perfect places for amazing and inexpensive adventures, there is not an official verified Instagram account for all of the parks. Here are some of the best individual parks you can follow!

23. Yosemite National Park

24. Yellowstone National Park

25. Acadia National Park

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