3 Must Ride Roads in the Texas Hill Country

The Texas Hill Country is known far and wide as one of the most popular draws for motorcyclists from among the many scenic highways around the country. Filled with fascinating back roads and plenty of biker-friendly stops along the way, the Texas Hill Country is something to be experienced at least once in a lifetime. If you love to ride, whether in groups or solo, the Texas Hill Country has something for everyone. From long straightaways to sweeping turns, you will find a road that is sure to inspire! Here is out top three picks:

1. Blanco to Bandera


Image Source: http://www.ridetexas.com/scenic-hills-ride/

This roller coaster of a ride will take your through the towns of Blanco, Boerne, and Bandera. Throughout the ride, be sure to pop into some historical downtowns to enjoy music, local festivals and delicious food. Ending in Bandera, the Cowboy Capital of the World, opens the door to some amazing adventures and rides throughout the rest of the Texas Hill Country.


Image Source: http://www.ridetexas.com/scenic-hills-ride/

2. Fredericksburg to Kerrville


Image Source: http://www.hillcountryrun.com

If you’re looking for a little history and heritage during your ride this route is for you! German heritage is strong in the regions around Fredericksburg and it is definitely a sight to see. From Oktoberfest to Folk Festivals to a casual weekend ride, this road will leave you full and happy at the end of the day.


Image Source: http://www.ridetexas.com/fredericksburg-to-kerrville/

3. The Twisted Sisters


This is a must ride many riders in the state of Texas. “The Twisted Sisters” is a 100-mile loop of three highways offering some of the most challenging and exciting motorcycling in the state, complete with canyons, twisting curves, and jagged slopes. One 15-mile stretch offers more than 60 curves! Although enjoyable for experienced riders, beginners need to remember to pull off to soak in the amazing panoramic views you will experience during this ride.


Image Source: http://www.ridetexas.com/the-twisted-sisters/

Sometimes you just need to drop whatever’s keeping you busy and get away from it all for a while. The Texas Hill Country has been called “cycletherapy at its best,” but there’s more to motorcycling through Texas Hill Country than just must-ride roads and gorgeous scenery. As the route takes you past the Kerrville Folk Festival and into the Medina River Valley, you can enjoy shops, restaurants, and more in towns where you just might see a horse tied up alongside your bike.

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