4 Hiking Trails in Hot Springs, AR

Hot Springs, AR has many amazing trails to hike or bike through. These are just a few trails that each offer different benefits to the nature lover in you! Whether you just want a leisurely stroll, or a challenging trail there is something for everyone in Hot Springs.

1. Big Brushy Trail


Brushy Mountain, Mountain Top, Rockhouse and Brushy Creek Trails, combined with the Ouachita National Recreation Trail, allow many opportunities for loop-trail hiking and biking, ranging from 3 to 12 miles in length. Travelers may see flowing streams, waterfalls, geologic formations, and quiet woodlands along the trail. The trails may be reached from parking and camping areas at the Big Brushy Campground. Except for Brushy Mountain Trail, all trails in the Big Brushy Complex are open to hiking and mountain bikes. Brushy Mountain Trail is open to foot traffic only.

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2. Cedar Glades National Park


This park includes 432 acres of beautiful cedar forest, streams, an observation deck, 15 miles of premium mountain bike and hiking trails recently voted best trails in the state by the Arkansas Mountain Bike Racing Series. It also has camping area, world class disc golf course, a remote control car track, and a climbing wall.

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3. Ouachita National Recreation Trail


This is the longest trail in the Ouachita National Forest spanning 192 miles across its entire length. In the west, the trail begins at Talimena State Park on Highway 271 near Talihina, Oklahoma. The eastern boundary is south of Perryville, Arkansas on Highway 9. An additional 32 miles of trail, located on private and other public lands, extends to Pinnacle Mountain State Park, 15 miles west of Little Rock, Arkansas. Elevations range from 600 to 2,600 feet as the trail passes through forested mountains, across sweeping valleys and near clear-running streams. Spur trails connect to various recreation areas and points of interest. Numerous road crossings and access points provide opportunities for point to point hikes of various distances.

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4. Iron Mountain


The trail consists of a series of switch backs gradually working the way down hill. If ridden counter clockwise (preferred), the first section from the parking area includes a rock garden to give those sidewalls some grief. The trail north of Corps Road offers a view of the lake and a nice rocky climb. The trail flows nicely and is fun to ride. It is about 17 miles long and I would rate it as a beginners if it were not for the rocky sections.

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