4 Perfect Apps for Traveling

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As traveling enthusiasts, we like to document our every move.  Take pictures of the amazing food we eat, the beautiful scenery that surrounds us and the great company we have by our side.  With the unbelievable advances in technology, we can almost instantly share moments in time with someone across the nation.  Digital imaging on smart phones and tablets have truly revolutionized the way we capture pictures.  Paired with many apps available to collage, edit and enhance photos, the possibilities are endless.  But how do you know which apps are best for you?  Have no fear, we have compiled a list of the 3 apps that will help you take your photos to the next level.

1. TouchRetouch


TouchRetouch is user friendly app that allows your to remove unwanted content or people from your photos, by just using your finger! Simply use the “Lasso” or “Brush” to select the item you want to remove from the picture, hit the “Go” button and watch the selected item disappear before your eyes!  Once you’ve made your changes to the photo, you can save the picture in your library, send it in an email, or post it on Facebook.  This app is available on Andriod or Apple smartphones or tablets, as a free version (adds a watermark to edited photos) or just $.99!

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2. Instagram

Instagram Picture 1

Instagram is one of the most popular apps on the market right now.  Instagram offers a simple and easy way to share your photos and video in a photo stream with friends to see – and you can follow your friends with just a click of a button.  You can customize your photos and video with one of the several custom built filter effects offered in the app.  Instagram allows you to transform everyday moments into works of art to share with family and friends.

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3. PicCollage


PicCollage is a unique and fun app used to make custom collages.  You can select photos from you library, or any photo from the Web and use them in your collage! Photos can be arranged in any fashion you would like, or you can choose one of the available frames to organize two or more photos.  Not only does PicCollage allow you to arrange your photos, it offers stickers, a wide range of background colors, custom text options and the ability to edit your photos.  PicCollage is free app available on Andriod and Apple devices.

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4. Photogene & Photogene (2)


Photogene for iPad and Photogene (2) for iPhone are the ultimate photo editing apps.  The Photogene apps offer a wide range of photo editing tools.  You can crop, straighten, retouch, resize, adjust color, and add special effects. Photogene also allows you to insert text, create collages, export multiple photos and more.  This app is only available for Apple devices.  Photogene (2) for iPad is $.99 and Photogene for iPad is just $2.99.

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