5 Best places to eat in Hot Springs

#1: Mr. Whiskers

Fried Catfish

Freshest Catfish in Hot Springs !!

Ready for some good ole down home cookin? Mr. Whiskers in Hot Springs is widely becoming known for some of the best food around. Many think their catfish is some of the best they’ve ever tasted and there is a good reason. It is known for using only the finest, homemade ingredients with food fresh and cooked to order.  Mr. Whiskers isn’t a fast food joint, but a great restaurant focused on pure quality. Stop in, we’re sure you won’t regret it!

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#2: Cafe 1217

Hot Springs

Looking for somewhere great to eat?! Cafe 1217 is the best!

Named for it’s street address, this bistro in Hot Springs is based on the concept that really fresh and tasty food will keep them coming back.  Special attention to seasonal herbs and produce help Diana (chef/founder) create her menus, which change monthly. The café still has its base of customer favorites, such as the Southwest Cobb Salad , Shrimp and Crawfish cakes and a wide variety of homey desserts. “We make it all from scratch”, says Diana. She prides herself on this.

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#3: Nom Noms

Mexican Grill

In the mood great homemade meal?! Nom Noms is be the place to go!

Nom Noms is known for its high quality.  Not only is the food built in front of you  just the way you like it, all of the ingredients are made fresh daily! You don’t have to worry about frozen, average food here, even with a drive-through Nom Noms continues to WOW its guest with great food! and to top it off, if you still have room for dessert, Nom Noms makes homemade ice cream, sherbet, and sorbets on site daily! So Nom Noms is the perfect stop to get the best of both worlds, authentic, quality mexican food with a homemade sweet treat!

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#4: Java Primo

Coffee Shop

Looking for a great cup of coffee?! Java Primo has the best cup in Hot Springs!

Coffee is a staple is most societies. In some cases it’s brewed in order to function. When coffee becomes a great experience there is no substitute for quality and experience. With Java Primo you can rest assured that the café latte and espresso will give you the delight and get-up-and-go that you need. Don’t settle for other coffee shops in the local area. You deserve better. So enjoy a fresh cup while watching the sunrise on the porch and relax as you enjoy your time in Hot Springs.

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#5: Scoops Ice Cream

 Hot Springs

Who says you can’t enjoy an ice cream cone in January?!

Check out Scoop’s for the best homemade ice cream in Hot Springs!

A great ice cream parlor is like a great pair of jeans, irreplaceable! When you’re enjoying an ice cream cone (even in January) why not have the best?! Don’t settle for the average store brand or everyday soft served…bite into a oversized scoop of slow churned, homemade ice cream.  At Scoop’s they keep it simple with fresh ingredients and ice cream made homemade daily.  So when your sweet tooth is looking for something great, swing by and grab a scoop (or two) !!

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