5 Awesome Hiking Trails in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has many amazing trails to hike or bike through. These are just a few trails that each offer different benefits to the nature lover in you! Whether you just want a leisurely stroll, or a challenging trail there is something for everyone in Colorado Springs.

1. Garden of the Gods


Garden of the Gods is a free public park famous for its unique red rock formations. There are many interconnected trails in the park that can be accessed from one of the several parking lots available. The park is also popular with mountain bikers.

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2. Red Rock Open Space


Red Rocks Canyon Open Space is located south of US 24 between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. Lots of trails along the canyons and ridges of red rock provide great views of Garden of the Gods to the north and city in general. Link to the Intemann Trail and Section 16 connects Red Rocks to many other hiking trails in the area. There are two off-leash dog loops and also a free riding bicycle area.

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3. Barr Trail


Barr Camp is approximately 6.5 miles from the trail head in Manitou Springs. Elevation gain is 3,800 feet, and the camp elevation is 10,200 feet (3,109 meters).  Expect changeable weather any time of the year. Pikes Peak is an additional 6 miles from Barr Camp, and the trail climbs another 3,900 feet to the summit at over 14,000 feet (4,301 meters). Barr Camp has no potable water. There is a running stream at the camp where you will be able to filter or treat your water. We recommend you bring your own filter or treatment.

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4. Palmer Trail


Donated to the city by General Palmer in 1899 Palmer Park is a very popular city park. Surrounded from all sides by city sprawl it offers a unique place of wilderness in the middle of town. Many unique rock formations can be found throughout the park. Number of trails used by hikers, bikers and horse riders crisscros the area. There is a large playground, beach volleyball and baseball field located by Academy and Maizeland. Number of pullouts offers many opportunities for picnicking.

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5. St. Mary’s Falls Trails


St. Mary’s Falls is an intermediate hike in the Cheyenne Canyon Area. The trailhead is located just above Helen Hunt Falls at the intersection of High Drive and Gold Camp Road. It is about 6.2 miles long round trip, and consists of spectacular views. If you are looking for a little more challenging trail, this is for you.

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To learn about more trails, and more in depth descriptions of each trail click here.

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