6 Easy Steps to Renting an RV

RVing is one of the best ways to travel. They are pet-friendly, affordable, versatile, and perfect for any family adventure! However, the thought of buying a second home on wheels can be daunting! Why not test the waters by renting one? These are some easy steps to get you on your way to an RV vacation!

1. Get your Necessities Together


Many are shocked to find that they don’t need a special license to drive an RV. All you need is your regular Class D drivers license. You will also need to be 21 years or older, possess a major credit card, and be present at the time of pick up.

You should receive a renter’s guide when you pick up your RV that will assist you with all of your major needs on your road trip.

If you plan to tow anything with your RV, let the dealer know when you make renting arrangements. They can even fit a tow hitch with a bike rack if you wish to bring your bikes.

Here are a few places you can rent from in the U.S.:

Cruise America

RV Rentals of America

Private Motorhome Rental.

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2. Estimate Cost of RV Rental


Buying an RV can run the price of a car or the price of a mansion! Before investing in one, opting to rent a RV is a great way to test the waters.

Cruise America; for a week-long rental, a standard RV accommodating five people starts around $1,045. The number of miles you drive will also affect your total bill.

You can reduce fuel costs by not covering as many miles and by staying in one or two places where the kids will have plenty to do.

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3. Pack everything but the Kitchen Sink


When you rent your RV some places allow you to rent a cooking kit and linen kit that have the basic RV necessities. However, we have compiled a list of everything you should bring in your RV in the link below! It will be your home away from home so pack it well with food, linens, towels, dishes, clothes, etc.


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4. Learn how to Hook Up the RV


This video is a great tutorial on how to set up your RV, however if you find yourself in need of assistance many properties will help you.

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5. Plan your trip wisely

Steep road

RV Campgrounds are different than hotels, many do not have the same amenities and they range from bare basic National Park Campgrounds to luxury Resort style Campgrounds. If you’re looking for WiFi, cable, a pool, laundry room, and concierge services check the resort website or call to ensure you will have everything you want! Learn more about upscale camping resorts at RVC Outdoor Destinations.

Also, if you have never driven an RV you may want to call the place you are staying to get the best driving directions and any details about the campsite you want to know. Many roads are difficult to maneuver in an RV and they will know the best route for you to take to get there safely.

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6. Enjoy your Home away from Home


RVing with your family will create some of your favorite memories! Enjoy the fun times you get to spend together, get to know your neighbors, and relax in the great outdoors!

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