7 Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Searching for some quick, easy and fun Valentine’s Day Gifts for that someone special?  Check out our 7 Easy Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas, pick one or make them all and you’re sure to make that someone special feel loved this Valentine’s Day!

1. Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Card Kits

Make-Your-Own Valentine's Day Cards Kit
Kick off your Valentine’s Day gift-giving with this fun card-making kit for kids. Not only will they love putting together these sweet valentines, but they’ll also be able to give a gift of the season to their loved ones. Package a cardstock heart, bejeweled brad, red crayon, and a blank card in cellophane. Include assembly instructions telling kids to write a handwritten message on the paper heart before attaching it to the card with the brad.

2. Cute Soda Case Wrap

Cute Soda Case Wrap
Make a case of your valentine’s favorite soda or beer even more special with a few simple touches. Wrap a piece of embossed red scrapbook paper around the cardboard case, securing with double-stick tape. Fold another piece of cardstock to cover the handle and cut out the opening. Embellish the package with a length of narrow velvet ribbon and a stamped tag.

3. Burlap Wrapped Flower Vases


Fill a simple cylinder vase with pretty flowers and wrap the vase with a matching-color piece of burlap. Cut a strip of burlap wide enough to wrap around the cylinder, and line the top and bottom edges and the ends of the burlap with adhesive. Attach the burlap strip to the vase. Cover the top and bottom edges of the burlap with thin velvet ribbon, using fabric glue to secure.

4. Felt Bookmark

Felt Heart Bookmark

To make this pretty heart bookmark, cut a rectangle shape from cream-color wool felt and trace a heart on the back side; cut out the shape with scissors. Glue the bookmark onto red wool felt and trim the edges with scallop-edge scissors. For the stitched bookmark, use disappearing ink to mark stitches, then stitch along the lines using embroidery floss. Cut a heart from red felt, and glue it on the front.

5. Romantic Movie Basket

Romantic Movie Basket

Put together a date-night-in-a-box with your valentine’s favorite movie, two small bottles of champagne, and his favorite candy for the two of you to enjoy. Your thoughtfulness will make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. Bonus: Include marshmallows and roasting twigs for an evening by the fire.

6. Stamped Muslin Candy Bag

Stamped Muslin Candy Bags

Gift your loved one’s favorite candy in a hand-designed muslin bag. Place a piece of smooth cardstock inside a muslin bag and stamp an image onto the front. Remove the cardstock and set the bag aside to dry; fill with candy. Make the gift en masse for coworkers or as a Valentine’s Day party favor.

7. Valentine’s Day Treat Bags

Valentine's Day Treat Bags

Who doesn’t love a bit of chocolate on Valentine’s Day? Whether you want to hand out these cute candy favors solo or attached to a bag full of tasty treats, they are sure to be appreciated this holiday. To make, use pinking shears to cut a scalloped border around red cardstock. Layer with a contrasting piece of paper and attach foil-wrapped chocolates with double-stick tape.

all gift ideas via [Better Homes and Gardens]

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