7 Reasons to Visit an Outdoor Destination in the Winter

Everyone thinks of visiting their favorite national park, campground, or outdoor destination in summer. However, many outdoor enthusiasts love traveling in winter, and enjoy sights, sounds, and experiences that summer travelers miss out on.  There are great reasons to plan your outdoor vacation in the wintertime, and these are just a few.

1. Escape the Winter Blues

The winter blues are real and many people feel them during a long and dark January. The combination of an after-holiday deflation, and returning to the normal routine during bleak weather, often causes a mild depression in many people. Taking a winter break gives you a new reason to be excited, new adventures to plan, and can help overcome low winter moods.


2. Transformed Landscape

Even a favorite, familiar destination like Yosemite is transformed in wintertime. Bare trees reveal the surroundings in a whole new way, opening up new vistas and bringing fresh surprises. Winter also offers opportunity to see different species of flora and fauna, observe wildlife in unusual seasonal behaviors, and perceive the natural world in an unaccustomed way.


3. Less crowded

Even prime Florida beaches are less crowded in wintertime, with fewer tourists and more of a cozy, local, authentic feel. Travelers don’t have to compete for the best campgrounds or the best views, and restaurants, activities, and transport are less crowded and more enjoyable. Even little things, like more available firewood, less trash in bins and on trails, and less noise, make winter travel even more of a getaway.


4. Winter Recreational Activities

Winter creates unique outdoor recreational activities that simply can’t be done in summer. Snowshoeing, ice fishing, ice skating, and cross-country skiing are just a few. And year-round activities like hot springs, horseback riding, and hiking are new experiences when done in the winter.


Image Source: http://gazette.com/photos-spring-skiing-on-pikes-peak/article/1575708

5. Glamping

Winter is the perfect time to try a new form of camping that involves heating, TVs and a bed to sleep on. Yurt, tiny homes, and cabins will all make your glamping experience one to remember. Don’t worry, you can still brave the chill temperatures at night to roast a perfect marshmallow over the fire.


6. Long nights 

Winter nights are longer and colder. This lends a special pleasure to gathering around a campfire and gazing up at the night sky. The senses are heightened, and cocoa and s’mores taste better, you’ll see stars like you’ve never seen them before, and truly enjoy the deep quiet of nature, uninterrupted by the sounds of other people. It’s a kind of enjoyment that summer travelers never really get to experience.


7. Unique Memories

The final reason is slightly silly, but all winter travelers enjoy it a little bit: they come back with great stories, pictures, adventures, and unique memories. Even if everyone they know has been to a particular outdoor destination or glamping, few of them have been there in winter, and they have earned a few well-deserved bragging rights.


These are just a few of the reasons why you shouldn’t save up your outdoor adventures exclusively for summer. If you feel yourself catching the winter blues, if you want to experience your favorite destinations in a whole new way, or if you want to have a unique travel experience unlike any other, take an outdoor trip this winter. For nature lovers, it’s a truly special way to get away from it all, experience deep peace and quiet, and heighten the pleasure of warm cozy moments. It’s time to get away from it all and truly enjoy this winter.

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