Romantic Escapes


There’s a place in the Hill Country where beams of the setting sun splash against the hillside, cutting the horizon with a grace that leaves an amber heart in the evening sky.

As the legend goes, it’s  where two young lovers from opposite sides of a Texas battle from long ago ran away to be together forever.

The Hills of Texas have a way of inspiring belief in legends of yore. Maybe it has to do with the air up here. It tastes different from city air, the same way that food tastes better when it’s heated by a campfire instead of a microwave.  

Located in the heart of the Hill Country, RVC Medina Campground and Cabins is the gateway to the escape you’ve been looking for, a break from the urban jungle where the air is sweet and romantic legends abound with each crackle of the campfire.   

So book your escape today, and come write your own legend in the hills. 


cabins and bunks
Whether your spirit leans toward the rugged or the grand, we’ve got the bunkhouse or cabin for you. Spartan-seeking rough-riders and air-conditioned gypsies alike can find the prefect escape with just a click of a button. So check out our brand of Texas hospitality and book your spot today.

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RV sites button

Bring your rig and settle in at one of our spacious sites, all with full utility hook up and a dedicated parking site for your chase vehicle. 90’ pull-through sites are available as are 55’ back-in sites. All sites are level and offer unobstructed views of the breathtaking scenery. The hills are calling. Book your spot today.

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The Big House 320

Escape your routine and come live like a Texas baron in this historic house built just after WWII from stones that hail from the same quarry as the LB Johnson Library. They don’t make ‘em like this in the big city. So grab your friends, head for the hills and book your adventure at The Ranch House today.

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