Christmas Tree & Decorating Box Special

We do some decorating in the cabins for the holidays, but do not put trees up. NOW… we offer this great package to get you into the real spirit of Christmas!!

We will have a 3’ or 5’ tree with 2 strands of lights already in your cabin and set up for use during your stay. Also included will be a special box of craft supplies to get into the Christmas spirit by making your own ornaments and special memories.

The cost of is $65.00 

Tree Decorating Box Includes:

  • 1 Christmas CD to listen to while decorating the tree.
  • 1 Packet of colored construction paper
  • The use of 2 pair of scissors
  • The use of 1 stapler
  • A spool of thread and a packet of needles
  • 2 bags of popcorn
  • 1 bag of cranberries for stringing with the popcorn
  • 1 roll of refrigerated sugar cookie dough
  • The use of Christmas cookie cutters
  • A roll of ribbon


All you need for trimming your tree the old fashion way!



  Call for more information!

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