The RVC Review 2016

The RVC Review 2016


Welcome to our first RVC Review Newsletter!

We are excited to be sharing news about the RVC Movement and hope this inaugural issue of the RVC Review helps keep you informed of our progress.

RVC is committed to providing a better outdoor hospitality experience so our guests can enjoy nature on their terms – whether they are tent camping, staying in a modern cottage, or RV’ing. With our newest resort near Yosemite National Park, we are pleased to expand our collection of high-quality outdoor destinations to California! In October, we officially opened Yosemite RV Resort after more than a year of redevelopment and expansion. It is the highest quality outdoor hospitality property in the region, and we have big plans for continuous improvement. In this issue, you’ll get a closer look at how we renovated the former Yosemite South KOA, taking a dated property in a prime location and transforming it into a first class RVC Outdoor Destination.

Thanks for your interest and support. We work every day
to be the best provider of high-quality outdoor hospitality in the United States.

Andy Cates, Chief Executive Officer


A Jewel in Yosemite

RVC Outdoor Destinations’ new Yosemite RV Resort is the perfect vantage point for experiencing the grandeur of Yosemite National Park. Nestled in the beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, it’s a jewel in America’s most historic park. We sat down with RVC’s Chief Operating Officer, Yale Spina, to discuss this great new Outdoor Destination.

RVC Review: What led RVC to be interested in this property initially?
Yale Spina: The fantastic location! Many do not know that this particular location is a fabulous base camp for many quality experiences. There are THREE national parks within an easy drive from the property. Of course, there is Yosemite National Park, but also nearby are Kings Canyon National Park AND Sequoia National Park. Additionally, there is the Madera wine country that boasts many award winning wineries. Last, but certainly not least, is the California Gold country! The town of Coarsegold, where we are located, was named after the unique gold type found in the nearby canyon. All of this made this an easy decision to go after this gem.

RVC Review: Were there any big surprises when you started work on the property?
Yale Spina: The beauty! We found the area appealing and strategically located for the best “basecamp” for many adventures.

RVC Review: What features about this property set it apart from other destinations in the area?
Yale Spina: The sunset view from our pool deck is stunning. We offer yurts, cabins, and camping, which makes us a one-stop-shop for groups and family get togethers.

RVC Review: How has the community surrounding the property responded to the changes?
Yale Spina: The Community is thrilled that the property is getting a well-deserved make-over. Many new relationships are evolving. Soon there will be a shuttle that runs from nearby Coarsegold to Yosemite National Park.

RVC Review: What area of the property changed the most in the process of the renovation?
Yale Spina: The new Welcome Building! We have a new entry to the property that leads to the new building at the top of the hill and the area that includes the new pool deck and observation platform. This spot is stunning at sunrise and unbelievable at sunset.

RVC Review: How and where do you foresee RVC growing next?
Yale Spina: RVC is growing in many ways! We will continue buying existing properties that meet our standards; redeveloping existing properties that have good bones and/or locations but need lots of capital and creativity (like we have at Carrabelle Beach); or developing from the ground up (like we have at Catherine’s Landing and Live Oak Landing).


Texas Hill Country Havenmedina-highpoint-resort-image

RVC Outdoor Destinations’ Medina Highpoint Resort in Medina, Texas, is a first-class outdoor retreat offering spectacular views and easy access to popular attractions in Austin and San Antonio.
The 95-acre property features two lakes, an infinity pool, a restaurant,
a retail store, a meeting pavilion and numerous hiking trails. A mix of lodging options caters to a variety of guests, including 44 cottages, 46 RV sites, and four luxury suites in the former Ranch Estate. Whether travelers are seeking a romantic escape, a family adventure or the perfect stopover on the motorcycle route from “Sweet Sixteen” to the “Three Twisted Sisters,” the Medina Highpoint Resort is a rugged and relaxing destination.

RVC Outdoor Destinations acquired the former Koyote Ranch Resort and invested in substantial updates to create a top-quality experience at Medina Highpoint, including new cottages that take full advantage of the area’s stunning views. It’s the perfect addition to the RVC network.

BOOKING: 877.272.0183

The RVC BEEcause

RVC Outdoor Destinations is committed to helping natural beauty thrive, and that means protecting honey bees.

Why bees?
North America’s honey bees are in trouble. According to estimates, about half of all honey bees are dying each year thanks to Colony Collapse Disorder. The pollination provided by our busy friends produces more than a third of our diet, (like apples, almonds and strawberries), so we benefit when bees flourish.
Because we own resorts in many ecosystems, we’re uniquely equipped to help honey bees thrive. We’ve established state-of-the-art Flow Hives at ten properties, which make it easy to see bees at work and harvest honey. We partner with local beekeepers to manage them, and all proceeds from the honey support local bee-friendly causes.

Become a BEEliever
We’re also educating our staff and guests on the plight of the honey bee. We encourage people to plant bee-friendly gardens, use organic growing methods and even include more local honey in their diet (sweet!).

We challenge everyone to become a BEEliever!

Camping Redefined

We specialize in the delightfully unexpected.
RVC Outdoor Destinations combines the best of natural settings with the convenience of your favorite hotel experience. Our mission is to connect people by providing authentic outdoor vacation experiences and proving that they don’t have to come at the expense of comfort. We develop, own and operate vacation properties in exceptional outdoor environments that offer easy access to local attractions and activities. Our current portfolio includes ten Outdoor Destinations across eight states, with an eleventh to open in 2017, and continued expansion throughout the United States.

  • Over 1,334 acres across all RVC properties
  • More than 950 boat slips
  • Destinations in 8 states with a large expansion and 2 new Outdoor Destinations currently in pre-development
  • 27 yurts across 5 states