The Ultimate Camping Checklist

The Ultimate Camping Checklist is for everyone from the nature novice the camping connoisseur! Make sure you have EVERYTHING you will need for your next outdoor excursion!

1. First Aid Kit 

First Aid

Something is bound to go wrong! Be prepared with a basic first aid kit! Get one here!

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2. Flashlight and Extra Batteries


Never be caught without your flashlight! From night time walks to emergency trips to the bathroom, you will want to see where you are going. Check out some different flashlights here!

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3. Sunscreen 


Bring it and apply it, it doesn’t help in your suitcase! Stock up here!

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4. Rain Gear


Whether camping or glamping be sure you protect your gear from the rain! You don’t want to drive home with wet gear smelling up the vehicle!

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5. Bug Spray

bug spray

Just like sun screen, bring it and use it! Get yours here!

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6. Campfire Starters


Check out these easy DIY fire starters! All you need are old toilet paper tubes (or paper towel rolls cut up) and old dryer lint! Stuff the toilet paper rolls with the lint and you are set for a marshmallow and hot dog night!

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7. Matches


You have to light your fire with something! Be sure you have matches or a lighter (with plenty of fluid).


8. Weather Appropriate Clothing


Check the weather before you leave! Be sure to pack accordingly as well as be prepared for unexpected rain or a chilly night!


9. Tent, camper, or shelter


This is probably a given but everyone has their own way to camp. Just be safe and bring some sort of shelter from nature. Whether that is a hammock with a rain shelter or a fully loaded RV.


10. Sleeping bag or Bed


Not everyone is cut out to rough it in the wild. Bring some sort of bed and bedding, and don’t forget the pillow!


11. Ground Cloth or Tarp


If you are using a tent you will need a ground cloth. Most tents come with one but if not a tarp will help keep rain out of your tent.

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12. Toilet Paper and Hand Sanitizer


For when nature calls!


13. Lantern

Sometimes a flashlight doesn’t cut it. You need something that will light up the whole area!


14. Toothbrush and Toothpaste


15. Towels


Don’t forget your towels to keep dry! Towels are also a way to keep fragile items safe while packing!


16. Cooler with Ice


A cooler with ice is the perfect way to keep food and drinks cold on a camping trip!

17. Firewood


Firewood is definitely a camping essential! Start a campfire to keep warm or roast S’mores!


18. Cookware



19. Stuff to wash dishes


Cleaning supplies are definitely a must while camping! You won’t be able to toss your dishes in the dishwasher!

20. Aluminum foil, Paper towels, and Garbage Bags


These kitchen essential are definitely good to have when camping; to throw away garbage, keep food fresh etc.


21. Deck of Cards


A deck of cards is always fun to have on a camping trip!


22. Scavenger Hunt list


A scavenger hunt is the perfect way to explore the great outdoors and find new things!


22. Ipod or friend with Moderate Music talent


An iPod is the perfect way to enjoy a little music while camping!


23. Camera


A camera is a must to capture the memories of your trip!


22. Can opener


You will need one of these to get into all of your delicious camping food!


22. Water. Water Water Water.


Staying hydrated is one of the most important parts of camping. Grab your favorite water bottle and always keep it filled!

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