15 Reasons Why People at Campgrounds are the Best

A campground is a community, and oh what a wild and wonderful community it is! Staying at a campground is not like staying in a hotel; you’re much more likely to interact and make new friends. Here are 15 reasons why people at campgrounds are the best!

1. GREAT Storytellers

True and tall tales…folk stories…scary campfire stories…legends of the road…or that funny thing that happened that one time! People who camp always love to chat and can tell a good tale!


2. Always Willing to Share

We’re all stuck in a sticky spot without something we need every once in a while. Campers and RV’ers know this better than most and are generally happy to share. So if you run out of soap or oil (or pretty much anything!), or are just looking to watch a Sunday football game ask around before you worry. Chances are someone will be willing to share.


Image Source: https://eastsideprojects.org/esp/opportunities/summer-camp-2015-bursaries/

3. From All Walks of Life 

You really do meet the most interesting mixture of people on the road. There’s no particular profession or age or salary that ties ‘camping folk’ together. What brings us together is a love of nature and a ‘can do’ spirit!


4. Ready and Able to Lend a Hand

Having trouble lighting a fire, lifting wood, patching up a knee scrape, starting a car…? Campers and RV’ers are able and ready to lend a hand.


Image Source: https://campfireseattle.org/environmental-education/our-outdoor-classes/outdoor-living-skills/

5. Learn New Camping Recipes

Mmmmm, what’s that delicious smell?! Your fellow campers are a wonderful resource for new camping recipes and cooking tips. Or you can bring some of your own recipes to share!


Image Source: https://www.freshoffthegrid.com/southwestern-breakfast-quesadilla/

6. Great With Kids (and Dogs)

Camping is often a family affair and that means kids and dogs are generally always welcome. Camping is a great way to teach your kids about the country, nature, and resourcefulness, and fellow campers are often great teachers!


15 reasons people at campgrounds are the best

7. Tips for Hikes and Trails

When you’re in a new area, ask around the campground for hike and trail suggestions. If people arrived before you, or visit an area often, they may know the best sites for beautiful views and suggest good hiking areas.


Garden of the Gods RV Resort

8. Up For an Adventure

If you’re camping alone or just looking for a good group for an adventure, you know your fellow campers will be up for an adventure! Ask around and you’ll find new friends to explore with.


15 reasons people at campgrounds are the best

9. Park and Route Recommendations

Making multiple stops or just looking for an interesting new route? Others at the campsite may be able to recommend either the shortest or most scenic (depending on your preference) route for you to take.


15 reasons people at campgrounds are the best

10.  New Camping Hacks

When you’re away from home and living literally in nature you have to be inventive! There are camping hacks for packing, reusing items, being eco-friendly, first aid, and so much more. Get tips and hacks from your fellow travelers to use and share on your next adventure.


Image Source: https://www.rei.com/blog/camp/22-camp-hacks-from-rei-experts

11. Learn from Each Other

Many RV’ers and campers come back to the same campgrounds and areas many times. They may be able to share stories and local info. Or you may learn a new song or way to look at the stars or interesting tidbits about fauna or flora. You never know what knowledge you’ll come away with!


15 reasons people at campgrounds are the best

12. Someone Always Has a Guitar

You may be tone-deaf or musically disinclined, but there’s always someone at a campground with a guitar ready to serenade you. Nothing brings people together quite like music. Here are a few family-friendly songs to learn


Image Source: http://www.alwaystheroad.com/blog/2017/6/5/svdzj6mye2elwfw4kjr74c3m5e5mes

13. Trustworthy Gear Reviews

Looking for a new tent, bag, shoes, flashlight, or even a new RV? Ask what people think of their gear and get reviews straight from the user.


15 reasons people at campgrounds are the best

14. Share In a Nightcap

Are the kids in bed?! Break out that bottle and share in a nightcap with the other adults enjoying the peace of a relaxing evening. Now the real stories will come out!


Image Source: http://www.jacobsonrost.com/leinenkugels/

15. Make New Friends

At the end of the day, whether they shared their meal with you, sang a song, told a story or went with you on an exhausting hike, you may find you’ve made some friends for life, or at least your next camping trip.


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