RVC unveils new website

RVC Outdoor Destinations unveils new website

RVC launches leading edge web experience

MEMPHIS, Tenn., March 21, 2014— RVC Outdoor Destinations, the leading provider of high-quality outdoor resort properties in the United States, has unveiled its new interactive and industry leading RVC website – www.rvcoutdoors.com The site is responsive and has been carefully designed for all mobile devices. It provides easy navigation and a superior user experience that allows visitors to get a feel for RVC’s Outdoor Destinations and RV Resorts.

“Our guests have been telling us that they love our resorts but that we could do a better job presenting both our properties and the RVC movement on our web site – so we responded and have completely rebuilt it. We’ve utilized the best web design resources available to provide a richer site with better graphics, better pictures, clearer messaging, and a superior overall web experience.” ” said Andy Cates, CEO and General Partner of RVC Outdoor Destinations. “RVC is redefining the camping experience, and that includes providing a world class web experience that appropriately reflects what we are doing.”

RVC’s new web site provides guests with a web experience that is consistent with its collection of beautiful resorts. In addition to its attractive design, the site is built on HTML 5 infrastructure, optimized for user searches, and easy to navigate. Guests can learn more about RVC and its team, tour properties, make reservations, read various traveler reviews, and see RVC’s recent articles.