RVC Re-flags Outdoor Destination in the Texas Hill Country

RVC Re-flags Outdoor Destination in the Texas Hill Country

Koyote Ranch Resort is now Medina Highpoint Resort, an RVC Outdoor Destination

MEMPHIS, Tenn., December 10, 2013— RVC Outdoor Destinations, the leading provider of high-quality outdoor resort properties in the United States, announced today that it has completed renovations and additions to Koyote Ranch Resort located in Medina, Texas and the property is now Medina Highpoint Resort, an RVC Outdoor Destination.

The 95-acre Texas Hill Country property sits at one of the highest points in the region and provides guests with spectacular views, two ponds, an infinity pool, a restaurant, a retail store, a fueling station, a meeting pavilion, and hiking trails. Existing lodging options include 33 cottages, 46 RV sites, 3 luxury suites in the Ranch Estate and eleven new cabins in a new section now known as “The View”, all of which feature expansive views of the Hill Country.

The property was developed as an outdoor destination and opened in 2003. The original ranch house was converted into a spectacular luxury Ranch Estate surrounded by mature Pecan trees and a modern pool area. It’s location near Kerrville, between Austin and San Antonio, provides access to a large population of travelers seeking a first-class outdoor retreat.

“We’re so pleased that the best parts of the existing property have been further improved while we were able to add beautiful new cabins,” said Medina General Manager, Pete Cook. He added, “guests are already excited about the improvements and we are all so excited to be part of a family of similar properties throughout the country.”

“Medina Highpoint Resort is setting the standard for high-quality outdoor hospitality in the Texas Hill Country,” said Andy Cates, RVC’s President. “In addition to improving the overall presentation of the property, including adding news beds to existing cottages, we are excited about the completion of eleven new cottages that give guests stunning views of the surrounding natural beauty.”