10 Reasons Why Texas Hill Country is Amazing

So you want to visit Texas, but you don’t know where? That’s a no-brainer! Texas Hill Country is the best part of the state to visit (and live). Not that we’re biased. With rolling hills and meadows, rocky mountains, charming small towns, and welcoming cities, Hill Country has everything to make this your best vacation yet.

Gorgeous Weather

The views are beautiful and the food is amazing, but what the Texas Hill Country is known for best is its weather. The summers lack the humidity that plagues much of the Gulf states, but the country really shines in spring and fall. With gorgeous, mild climate, beautiful flowers in the spring and leaves in the fall, Texas Hill Country is a sight to see during the two best season to visit.

Beautiful Parks

Texas is home to some of the best parks in the country. Whether you’re looking for great hiking, beautiful scenery, or a lazy day on a river, Hill Country has got a park for you.

Garner State Park was founded in the 1940’s, and shortly after, the tradition of summer jukebox dances at the park began. Almost 80 years later and those dances are still going strong, but you have to get there early to secure a parking spot. If dancing’s not for you, try their 11 miles of trails or splash around in the Frio River.

If you’re in the area in the fall, visit Lost Maples State Park to see the beautiful maple leaves turn fiery colors at the peak of the season.

Colorado Bend State Park is home to a hidden gem of Texas—Gorman Falls. If the weather’s been dry, you might miss it, but during the wet season, the 60-foot waterfalls create a beautiful greenscape amid the dry land surrounding it.

Great Swimming

There is no shortage of great water areas to enjoy for kayaking and swimming in the Hill Country.

Medina River is one of the most beautiful and least visited rivers in Texas. Surrounding by balding cypress, the calm water is the perfect place to take a gentle kayak ride.

At Guadalupe River State Park, swimming, tubing, and kayaking are a given, but when you need a break from the water, take some time to explore the 13 miles of hiking and biking trails or learn about local plants and animals the Discovery Center.

Scenic Roads

When most people think of driving through Texas, they imagine long, straight roads through desert-like landscapes. Driving the beautiful roads in Hill Country will change your view of Texas forever.

When the bluebonnets are blooming, the Willow City Loop is the road to drive. For 13-miles of winding road, you’ll see the most beautiful profusion of wildflowers covering the sides of the highway and beyond.

Gruene-Fredericksburg-Bandera Loop to see rolling hills, farms, rivers, and orchards in between visiting some of the historic main streets of Texas.

Rock Adventures

Whether you like climbing rocks or prefer to find rocks, Hill Country is a great place to explore.

The second-largest granite dome (after Stone Mountain), Enchanted Rock is a massive round pink rock half-buried in the rocky hills of Texas. Not only is it an ideal spot to catch the sunset, but it’s also one of the best rock climbing locations in the area.

For those who prefer their rocks on the smaller side, you can try your hand at hunting for topaz in Mason County—the only place in Texas the official state stone is found. Three of the most popular topaz hunting sites are Lindsay Ranch, Bar M Ranch, and Seaquist Ranch.

Live Music

Texas is known for country and southern rock, but you can find any type of music in this state—especially in Hill Country.

Luckenbach, Texas became famous from a Waylon Jennings’ song, but around Texas, it’s renowned for its music. Luckenbach has only two buildings—a post office with a bar and a stage out back for local acts to try out their songs, and a dancehall that hosts top Texas artists on a weekly basis. Both are worth a visit.

You can find bars and restaurants throughout Hill Country that feature live music events, but if you like your music in a festival setting, there are plenty of those, too.

Delicious Food

Everyone knows that good food lives in Texas, so no trip to Hill Country would be complete without partaking of some of the best grub the state has to offer.

You can’t come to Texas and not try the barbeque. Some local favorites are B-Daddy’s BBQ outside of San Antonio and Bill’s BBQ in Kerrville where people rave about the ribs.

Tex-Mex is a way of life in Texas. No matter where you go, you won’t be far from an amazing restaurant like Hilda’s Tortillas in Fredericksburg or the dozens of Mexican restaurants in nearby San Antonio.

Apple orchards abound in Hill Country, so it’s no surprise that some of the best apple pies can be found here. Take a trip to the Love Creek Apple Store to pick your own apples and try some of the owners’ Baxter and Coral Adam’s famous baked desserts and other apple products.

Adventurous Outings

If you have the spirit of an adventurer, there are plenty to be had in Hill Country.

Ziplining through trees and over hills and meadows is sure to get your blood pumping. Try out nearby Helote’s Hill Country Ziplines and if you like that, you may want to drive a little further to try out another favorite zipline location at Wimberley Zipline Adventures.

Bandero prides itself on being the Cowboy Capital, so that makes it the perfect place to attend a real Texas rodeo.

Want to see what life might be like as a rancher? Visit a dude ranch to try your hand at horseback riding, lasso lessons, and cattle roundups. Bandero, the Cowboy Capital, has the most dude ranches in the area, from guest ranches like the Flying L Hill Country Resort to more hands-on experiences like Ranchero Cortez, Mayan Dude Ranch, or Dixie Dude Ranch.

Hands-On Farms

Farms are the hottest new tourist destination. Luckily, Hill Country has them in spades.

Fredericksburg Herb Farm was built by early German settlers and doubles (or triples) as a lodge and spa. Whether you’re staying there or just visiting, be sure to check out their fine restaurant and the gardens that grow many of the ingredients used in the menu.

We’ve already mentioned Love Creek Apple Store and Orchard, but there are many other apple orchards to visit, and if you prefer peaches, check out places like Marburger Orchard to get your peach on.

Not all farms grow food. Some grow flowers. Tour lavender farms like Hill Country Lavender or visit Blanco to attend the Blanco Lavender Festival in June.

Texas Hospitality

You may have heard of southern hospitality, but the South has nothing on the West when it comes to making visitors feel at home. Join us and experience the warm welcome from Texas Hill Country residents as you explore everything we have to offer. We look forward to seeing you!

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