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RVC is on a mission to save the Honeybees!

We believe that Honeybees are crucial to the health of our planet and our existence. “BeeCause” we care about the bees, our efforts are to provide great homes for bees at our properties AND to educate others about the plight of the bees. Since RVC Outdoor Destinations are located in diverse ecosystems, Honeybees keep our outdoor vacation experience in balance, beautiful and thriving.

“We are looking to educate ourselves and the wider community” says RVC Chief Operating Officer Yale Spina. “Something’s wrong, and humans need to pay attention.”

“The planet has been witnessing a serious increase in Colony Collapse Disorder over the last few years, which is why we’re acting with some urgency,” says Spina. “This has really devastating effects on our ecosystem and ultimately affects human life as well as 34% of our diet”.

Become an RVC BEELiever

RVC contributes to bee conservation by; discovering and learning about the bees, educating our employees and guests through classes, tours and workshops, hiving bees at our properties, partnering with local beekeepers and determining what we can all do to make a difference for the bees. We challenge everyone to become a BEEliever!

How to Become a BEEliever:

1. Pass on the information we provide to their children; family and friends. And hopefully they’ll want to start their own hives.

2. Plant bee friendly gardens and use organic growing methods

3. Purchase bee friendly products

4. Pesticides used at home – choosing the right bee friendly and when you apply it

5. Donate to Bee Causes

6. Buy local honey

7. Choose organic foods

8. Stay informed about Colony Collapse Disorder

9. Don’t kill a Bee – Stop, Bee calm & the Bee will move along


Facts about Honeybees

• Bees have been kept for thousands of years, going back to ancient times as cave paintings show.

• In ancient Egypt, honey was used a sweetener for the royalty.

• There are 20,000 species of bees

• They are responsible for pollination of over 34% of our foods

• Honey has been used for centuries for healing sickness

• Bee pollination promotes healthy trees, bushes and flowers across the planet

• Because Bees have been studied for centuries, we have a better understanding of their habits and therefore we know that Colony Collapse Disorder is a strong indicator that something is not right with the earth and that we should be doing something to help them and in turn help ourselves be healthier.

Why Honey Bees are important to our planet

Honey Bees are directly responsible for up to 34% of our diet, that’s right, tasty things like Apples, Almonds, Pears, Raspberries, Strawberries as well as other plants and flowers that feed other creatures, are pollinated by Honey Bees!

According to some estimates, approximately 50% of all honey bees in North America are dying every year — a troubling statistic that we and others believe is evidence of a deeper ecological disturbance.

RVC Outdoor Destinations

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Visiting the RVC Bee Flow Hive project could subject visitors to the possibility of a bee sting. Those that have experienced anaphylaxis or have known bee sting allergies that wish to view the project should proceed only if they are fully aware of their susceptibility and are equipped with appropriate Bee Sting medication or treatment.