RVC Adds Enviromentally Friendly Features

RVC Outdoor Destinations Adds Environmentally Friendly Features to Properties

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. – RVC Outdoor Destinations has announced multiple environmentally friendly redevelopments for each of the company’s four properties. In addition, the RVC Resort Cottages are officially certified “Green” by the NTA, Inc.

All Resort Cottages, designed by RVC and manufactured by Athens Parks Homes, have a label showing that they are approved green. This basically means that they have been built as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, which is displayed in certain features of the cottages (there is a list on APH’s website). RVC added instant water heaters to the cottages as an additional sustainable feature. The Resort Cottages are available for rent and for purchase at Carrabelle Beach (Florida), Live Oak Landing (Florida), and Catherine’s Landing, the newest property located in Arkansas.“Finding ways to make our properties more environmentally friendly has been an on-going process and we’re always researching different strategies to do this,” said Yale Spina, RVC Vice President and Director of Operations. “One of the core principles of our company is to be as respectful in construction to nature as possible, especially since the main focus of RVC’s destinations is appreciating the outdoors.”

RVC has also installed LEED® certified Xlerator® hand dryers in the restrooms of their properties to eliminate paper towel waste; and every property has undergone landscaping changes of a xeric nature, specifically planting native plant species that require very little water and provide natural beauty. Additionally, RVC has initiated an energy audit process for all of the Outdoor Destinations to manage the waste consumption of electricity. Catherine’s Landing features LED lights at every RV site, which use 80 percent less energy than an incandescent bulb.

via [RVnews.com]