40 Brilliant RV Space Saving Solutions

RVs are a way to escape those high-stress jobs, concrete jungles, and societal pressures.

They provide the ability to discover solace and peace with the ones you love. They are also the ultimate in efficient living spaces. Organizing and utilizing every space will provide a more comfortable trip. Here are a few solutions to your space dilemmas.

1. Wall Mounted Magnetic Strips


Strong magnets work wonders in the kitchen. Many kitchen items (knives, scissors, etc) are magnetic and can be organized on a magnetic strip attached to the wall. Also, metal trays can turn into a simple magnetic spice rack!

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2. Dangling Jars

rv-storage-utilizer-jars rv-storage-utilizer-jars2

Mason jars are perfect to store small items, just attach the lids to upper cabinets with a few screws and organize away!

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3. Spice Rack


Build a simple fold-out spice rack to save cabinet and counter space.

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4. Paper Plate Dispenser 


Get a ceiling mounted paper plate dispenser for easy convenience.

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5. Slide Out Drawers


If you are remodeling you can create storage benches or add drawers to under table surfaces to create a desk.

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6. Velcro Remotes


Can you never find that pesky remote? Velcro them to a table or chair to keep them in one place and always easy to find!

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7. Over the Door Trash Can


This is great for any small kitchen or bathroom! Put a small over the cabinet trashcan beneath your sinks for easy access.

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8. Inside the Door Storage


Inside the door is a great place for some extra shoes, an umbrella, a flashlight, or anything you would need at a moment’s notice. This storage solution is simple to make or to buy.

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9. Storage Pods

rv-space-solutions-command-strips rv-space-solutions-command-strips2

Use command strips to attach different storage pods or PVC pipe to the inside of the cabinet doors for extra storage.

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10. Hook Dispensers


Attach hooks to the wall, and place the ends of the saran wrap and aluminum foil rolls into the hooks. This creates an easy station to wrap all of your food and keep your items organized.

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11. Command Hooks


Command hooks create a way to hang things on surfaces you don’t want to nail or screw into. They are easy and inexpensive to put up and take away when you are finished.

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12. Fruit Hammocks


Refrigerator and counter space is always limited, keep your fruits suspended under the cabinets. This also allows for more air circulation, which encourages more ripening and less rotting. Get one here!

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13. Caddy Night Stand


Caddys are perfect for RV bedrooms. They come in all shapes and sizes and utilize bedside space. Here are a few options!

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14. Storage Headboard


This is a great idea and can even double as a window covering if your bed backs up to one. However, I would suggest an easier sewing pattern. Simply take your fabric and fold it over at the top to create a pocket large enough for your curtain rod to slide through. You could even add more pockets, use a different fabric pattern you like, or make it more decorative with tufting.

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15. Magazine Racks


Magazine racks are a great way to utilize wall space! They can hold anything you want to keep handy such as art supplies, lighters, first aid kits, books, flashlights, etc. Many attractive ones are available and even double as a bedside table or art studio. Here are some available on amazon.

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16. Desk Lamp


Brighten up the room or art area with a lamp that also provides an easy to reach outlet. Here are a few great options.

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17. Paper Roll Rod


A great way to entertain children on the road is an area they can create their own masterpieces. All you need is a tension rod and roll of paper and you have an instant art station.

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18. Quick Drop Zonerv-organizer-quick-drop

Every small space needs one of these. It’s perfect for your assortment of keys, sunglasses, or you can even put a shelf for odds and ends. Directions on how to make this one are found here.

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19. Toiletry Holder


During transit things will shift and fall. Attach them to the wall with coat hangers and binder clips.

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20. Elastic First Aid Holder


Keep items organized and in place with this elastic holder. Simply use a staple gun and elastic strap to secure your items to the cabinets.

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21. Hideaway Hooksrv-organizing-tips-hiding-hooks

These are the perfect solution to hang a towel in the bathroom or coat by the door. They are actually door catches but double as a hook that folds away when not in use. Get some here.

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22. Side Shelf Hooks


This is the perfect space-saving space for towels, dish rags, pot holders, etc.

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23. Suction Cup Hooks


These suction cup hooks are great for bathroom and kitchen organization. Hang utensils, cooking supplies, and bathroom supplies out of the way.

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24. Flashlight Holder


Broom holders aren’t just for brooms, keep flashlights at arms reach with these by the door. These holders can organize pretty much anything that has the right diameter.

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25. Mounted Ceiling Supplies


Mount cleaning supplies or other large items to the ceiling with brackets.

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26. Peg Board


Pegboards are a great way to organize pots, pans, and utensils. They are easy to put up and simple to rearrange.

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27. Hanging Basket


These aren’t just for fruits and vegetables. Organize random supplies for art projects, laundry, and cooking in the baskets.

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28. Hanging Shelf


Place a hanging shelf in the bathroom or kitchen to store towels, extra toiletries, kitchen supplies, or food.

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29. Sink Rack


If you prefer not to hang your shelf, get an over the sink rack.

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30. Hanging Shelves

rv-brilliant-space-solutions-hanging-storage rv-storage-saver-suspension-rods-bathroom-storage

Suspend hanging shelves provide great places to store clothes, towels, linens, and shoes.

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31. Shoe Rack


Shoe racks work great in any room, they are easy to hang and can hold and organize all your odds and ends.

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32. Hanging Containers


Hang containers on towel rods for easy organized access.

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33. Towel Holder


Hang towels on flat toilet paper holders for a space-saving solution.

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34. Towel Caddy


Make a towel caddy to hold your bath supplies, and hang it on the shower rod.

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35. Dish Cradle 


Storing your dishes vertically not only saves space, but it also makes it easier to get them out and keeps dust off better.

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36. Nesting Bowls

rv-space-solutions-nesting-bowls2 rv-space-solutions-nesting-bowls

A set of nesting bowls is perfect for traveling!

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37. Fold Up Contraptions 


This pack away kettle and storage buckets fold up and store away perfectly when not in use!

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38. Pull Out Surfaces


Add pull out surfaces for easy access to items, store away tables, and cutting boards.

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39. Seat Organizer


Place a seat organizer on the back of your seats for extra storage of odds and ends!

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40. Hang Hoses


Hang hoses for more floor storage and easy access when you get to your campsite late at night.

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