12 S’mores recipes that will change your life

S’mores are a classic campfire treat. These treats are something in which we foresee every RVC guest indulging. Just in time for #NationalSmoresDay, here are a few upscale S’more recipes that will change your life.

1. Trail Mix S’mores

This gives you a savory and sweet take on this campfire favorite. If you’ve forgotten your chocolate bars, don’t panic! Just pull your roasted marshmallow off with graham crackers as usual. Then split it apart and sprinkle your trail mix full of nuts, fruit, and chocolate to give it the extra something it needs.

2. Striped S’mores

This recipe will make your grocery list a little lighter. Ditch the graham crackers and chocolate bars and replace them with fudge stripe cookies.

3. Strawberries and Cream S’mores

Its always good to eat more fruit, right? For this one use vanilla wafers in place of the graham crackers and sliced strawberries instead of chocolate.

4. Reese’s S’more

In this recipe, Reese’s cups are kicking chocolate bars out of the picture. Graham, Reese’s, Marshmallow, Graham then #NomNomNom!

5. BMS S’mores

Get your bacon on with this crispy favorite. Use saltine crackers, bacon, and marshmallows to create this masterpiece. You can always use jerky instead of bacon and add some chocolate for that extra-melty goodness.

6. Chocolate Chip S’mores

Similar to the fudge stripe s’mores, just replace the chocolate and graham with your favorite brand of chocolate chip cookies. Whether you like chewy or crunchy, it is sure to satisfy every hungry camper.

7. Double Chip S’mores

This one is double the trouble. Use two potato chips to pull your roasted marshmallow off your stick, then pull it apart to sprinkle chocolate chips on the marshmallow, stick it back together and chow down!

8. Snap, Crackle, Pop S’mores

Marshmallow it up by using rice crispy treats instead of graham crackers. Then add your chocolate pieces and marshmallow-like the classic.

9. Mint S’mores

This one is about to get messy. Roast your marshmallow. Then pull it off with two thin mint cookies. Now eat fast before the chocolate melts everywhere!

10. Snow Capped S’mores

Make it extra sweet by using a white chocolate bar and vanilla wafers.


11. PB&J S’mores

Slather one graham cracker with peanut butter. Slather the other graham cracker with jelly. Smush a marshmallow in the middle for this delicious treat.

12. Pretzel S’mores

Get that extra crunch by using pretzels in place of graham crackers. Then add your chocolate bar and marshmallow, Enjoy!

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