20+ Reasons Camping is Better Than A Hotel

So you see your upcoming vacation days on the calendar and you’re wondering what you should plan for a relaxing family holiday. Skip the hotel this vacation and opt for a fun camping trip instead. Here are 26 reasons to consider camping over that stuffy hotel:

Fresh air

Fresh air might be the best reason to go camping instead of booking a hotel room. Get away from the smog of the city and breathe in some crisp, clean air at the campsite.


Depending on where you camp, you’ll have tons of outdoor activities to choose from, like fishing, swimming, hiking, and water sports. After all of the fun, you’ll be exhausted at night and sleep like a rock in your tent or RV.

Feeling of accomplishment

Packing and unpacking the gear, setting up the tent or campsite, building a fire: these are all things that will make you feel really proud of yourself, proving to yourself and your family that yes, you can live off the land.
Being in nature – There’s no better way to experience the great outdoors then sleeping in it. You’ll hear the sounds, see the sights, and experience all that nature has to offer. You’ll be able to wake up with the sunrise and enjoy the sunset at the end of the day.
Stress relief – Camping is good for your soul. It takes you out of your regular bill-paying, laundry-doing routine and allows you to completely decompress in a beautiful and relaxing environment.


How many opportunities do you get to start a fire outside and huddle around it? Not many. But camping is the perfect time to warm up by an open fire, and don’t forget the delicious pull of s’mores. (They just aren’t the same when made in a hotel microwave.)

Peace and quiet

There is no better way to get away from the hustle and bustle than camping. Being out in the wilderness is the only way to enjoy complete silence–away from traffic noise, crowds, and city din.
Romantic – Camping can be a wonderful couple’s getaway: there’s nothing more romantic than a cozy fire, a chill in the air, and a sky full of stars.


In this day and age, it’s not easy to go off the grid, but camping is the perfect way to do it. Turn off your phones (or leave them in the car) and remember what life was like before the days of constant connectivity.

Lower cost

Camping can be done very inexpensively. Avoid high hotel fees and surprise charges and sleep under the sky instead.

Family togetherness

The memories you’ll make camping cannot be achieved in a hotel. You’ll play games, tell stories, and spend quality undivided time together, away from the lure of the T.V.


Getting out of your comfort zone will allow you to get on your feet and explore, which will be great to get your heart rate up. You’ll get great exercise loading the gear, exploring the campsite, and hiking the trails.

See things that can only be hiked to

Not only does camping allow for some quality time in nature, but it lets you explore areas that are rarely visited. The best sites in the great outdoors are the places that cannot be accessed by vehicle, so you’ll see the parts of nature that are truly untouched.

Use your equipment you’ve been neglecting

Did you get some cool camping gear this Christmas? Put your gadgets to good use and bring them to the campsite.

Eat food in a different way

Spice up your dinner menu and fire up the grill. Camping is a great way to creatively cook food outside. Opt for the classics like hot dogs and burgers or get fancy with your dinner recipes.

See the stars

It’s not always possible to see the stars but camping allows for minimal light pollution and a beautiful clear view of all the constellations.


Pack your professional camera or make an exception to the no-smartphone rule and take some breathtaking photos on the trails.


Are you into birdwatching? Interested in seeing wildlife? There is no better way to see animals and plants in all their glory than in their natural habitats.

Learn new things

Use a camping trip to get out of your element and learn some new things, whether it’s fishing, hunting, or starting a fire. Brush off those Boy/Girl Scout skills or make it a point to learn something brand new.

Bring Fido

Most hotels are not pet friendly, but camping allows you to bring your dogs to enjoy the trip with you.
Fun times with kids – Taking your kid’s camping is one of the best things you can do for them, and it will give them an experience they’ll never forget. Give them a taste of nature and “roughing it,” and allow them to get out all their energy exploring the campsite.

Hotels can be a drag

With camping, there’s no need for a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door. Hotels can be noisy and stressful, with thin walls and stringent check out times. Go camping and eat breakfast whenever you want.

Location, location, location

There are a million areas for you to choose from when it comes to camping, and you can do it any time of year. Want to camp in fall foliage? Near a lake? In the mountains? The world is your campsite.

Change up the routine

It’s always good to change up your daily routine with a different environment. Get outside and get a taste of a whole different daily grind, one with morning coffee under the trees and bedtime stories by the fire.

Meet people

It’s always fun to run into fellow campers who have similar interests. Compare camping gear with campfire neighbors or take a hike together.

Appreciate conveniences

Finally, camping will allow you to appreciate the little things when you go back to life at home. Hot showers in your own bathroom, your Queen-size bed, and air conditioning.

Hotels will be there for you in a pinch, but planning a camping trip is the best way to spend those vacation days. It’s good for your body, good for your soul, and great for making lasting memories. Visit us as RVC Outdoor Destinations for ideas planning your next camping trip.

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