6 Reasons You Should Try Glamping this Valentine’s Day Weekend!

Perhaps you love camping but your chosen life partner does not. We may have just the right compromise for you for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday! Don’t worry ’cause there is a camping style called glamping. Glamping is short for glamorous camping. The BEST part is that you don’t have to worry about being uncomfortable, getting rained on, getting too many mosquito bites (although you may still get some), or hiking to the nearest outhouse. Glamping has many amenities not usually associated with camping like comfortable mattresses, WiFi, and indoor toilets. Want the best of both worlds? try glamping. Here are six reasons you should try glamping as soon as you can:

Two words: Pillow-Top

Comfortable mattresses are something some people can’t do without. With glamping, rest assured, you can get the sleep you deserve – in a comfortable bed. Platform tents or rustic cabin style camping can give you the great outdoors with modern amenities. Enjoy camping without missing out on relaxation. You’ll be ready to wake up after a good night’s sleep and can more fully enjoy your trip. Why sleep on an air mattress or the cold, hard ground?


Okay, so maybe you wanted to experience pure camping and go without the internet, but perhaps you just want to post about how much fun you’re having on social media or check a quick email. With WiFi provided, you can. Don’t miss your everyday life by unplugging completely. The choice is all yours. Ditch the technology or just cut down on it. The internet is the ultimate benefit when you’re glamping. You won’t miss the big game just because you’re out in the woods, and you can look up how to make a campfire if you have temporarily forgotten.

The commode

Latrines aren’t for everyone. We all know this. One benefit of glamping is definitely the indoor restrooms: it smells better, is cleaner, and has running water. If you want to feel like you’re living in the nineteenth century then, by all means, go to a regular campsite, but if you prefer modern toilets, then look no further than glamping. You want to be comfortable while you do your business, don’t you? You won’t have to dig a hole and wipe with a leaf. Watch out for the poison ivy!

The coffee

Millions of people drink coffee every day, and they definitely can be a mess without it. Glamping offers the convenience and quality of freshly brewed coffee in the morning within minutes. Or you can make it yourself over an open fire – it’s up to you. Freshly brewed coffee is hot and delicious. Wake up to this sumptuous beverage or have some after dinner. Glamping has all the comforts of everyday life. Coffee will give you the energy you’ll need for your days full of excitement.

It’s unique

Since glamping combines the outdoor lifestyle with modern comforts, this experience is like no other. You don’t have to be uncomfortable while camping. It’s a unique experience because you get to camp in style. We know you will love the outdoor/indoor vibe. It’s like an RV – car, and a house at the same time. There is no better way to experience the world than to camp in a fabulous style.

Comfort is king

The benefit of glamping is that you get to be you. You get the opportunity to camp, but you won’t miss the luxuries of everyday life. There is no need to step out of your zone unless you want to. You can be comfortable in the wilderness. See the beauty of nature without missing a beat. If you never thought camping was for you, it’s all good, glamping’s got you covered. Couldn’t cut it as a boy scout or girl scout? We’ve got the perfect opportunity for you.

There is a slight difference between camping and glamping: one is rough, and the other is more, well, glamorous. We can’t lie, you may still get mosquito bites, but you will still see Mother Nature in all of her glory without the inconvenience. You will still be camping, but you can do it and not lose your mind if you’re more used to the modern world.

What makes glamping so great is the fun times you’ll have. You still get to roast marshmallows and go on hikes. You still get to gaze at the stars at night. With glamping, you get all this and more. Lay back on your pillow top mattress and sip some coffee. Glamping is for people who love the outdoors but just need a little extra. Your bad back is no reason not to enjoy the wilderness. Glamping is the wave of the future, so pack your bags and remember to bring the bug spray.

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