7 Reasons to Bring Your Bike Camping

In the minds of some, camping and bikes go hand in hand. Still, many others choose to leave the bikes at home when they head out on camping excursions. This is unfortunate because there are a great many amazing experiences to be had on the seat of a bike, meaning a simple bicycle can enhance a camping trip and make it even better than it would be otherwise.

Wondering how an ordinary bike could possibly make such a difference? Check out these 7 benefits offered by a bike when camping.

The Eco-Friendly Bike

If you love camping, you probably enjoy the outdoors. Therefore, preserving the beauty of the land is definitely in your best interest. One of the best ways to do this is to skip the car and hop on a bike. Transportation creates 27% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. That is an enormous amount and one that can easily be cut back if more people would choose a bike instead of a car.

Healthy Alternative

In this day and age, nearly everyone is aware of the fact that spending time outdoors is good for your health. In fact, this health benefit is one of the best reasons to go camping. However, this can be enhanced by quite a lot if you throw some exercise into the mix.

Riding a bike to get from point A to point B is a wonderful way to get some exercise into your trip while also reaching your desired destinations. Best of all, you’ll be spending even more time outside.

Explore More

Nature provides some pretty fantastic opportunities to explore and discover. Unfortunately, a great many of these can’t be reached by car. Meanwhile, hiking is slow going, meaning reaching the most hidden nooks and crannies can be difficult.

Bicycles solve this problem by offering transportation that is more adaptable than a car, yet faster than walking. This makes a bike a great solution if you plan to head into the woods to see what you can f

Stay Hitched Up

Those who camp in a travel trailer or fifth wheel probably know what a pain hitching and unhitching can be. A bike allows you to remain hitched up throughout your trip without sacrificing transportation. Want to explore a local museum? Hop on your bike and leave the truck and trailer behind. Need groceries? Be sure to take a bike trailer to carry them in.

Leave the Car Behind

Of course, if you prefer to travel in an RV you really don’t have to hitch up at all. However, many RVers do choose to tow a small car along in order to get around town once they arrive at their campsite. This is a hassle in many cases, and one that can be avoided through the use of bikes. After all, who needs a car when you can just ride a bike where you need to go?

Skip Parking Fees

Most people don’t camp in big cities. It does happen though, and even those who don’t choose to camp in cities may find themselves visiting one for a day or two. In these cases, bicycles can be incredibly convenient for getting around the city with limited usage of public transportation systems and no traffic problems. Additionally, using a bike rather than driving your car around the crowded city will save you tons of money on parking fees.

It’s Fun!

Last, but definitely not least, riding a bike is fun. Pedaling as fast as you can or riding downhill is exhilarating, and a leisurely ride around the campground is the perfect way to end a lovely day of camping. This alone should be reason enough for you to pack up your bike and bring it along on your next camping trip. We know you’ll be glad you did!

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