Homeschooling and the RV Lifestyle: Roadschooling

It’s no secret that homeschooling comes with many benefits. Especially throughout the COVID-19 crisis. It enables your child to learn at their own pace. You can truly dive into the topics that interest them as you build off of the state-required curriculum. You can tailor the courses to your child, allowing them to learn in a way that benefits their individual needs. Maybe it is time to take this show on the road by “Roadschooling.”

However, this style of education is shattering the status quo. “Roadschooling,” is truly an innovative and hands-on way to educate and might be the perfect option for your family.

What is Roadschooling?

Take everything that’s already great about homeschool and putting it on wheels: homeschooling on the road. Many families across the globe have taken their homeschooling on the go. Being in their RV, they see the value in traveling and how it can enrich their child’s curriculum. For example, why read about the US Constitution when you can take your child to see it in person? A simple visit to the store can become a lesson in economics.

It’s an incredibly creative approach that intertwines the curriculum with life lessons. This method of teaching truly brings what you’re teaching your child to life. Which reinforces what they’ve learned and shows them a real-world application.

Who is Roadschooling?

A lot of families have turned to roadschooling, including bloggers and social media influencers such as Nomads with a Purpose, Happy Loud Life, Full-Time Families and Wonder Wherever We Wonder, among many others. This has paved the way for these families to give their children an immersive education. It is a great way to document their journey at the same time.

You are not obligated to blog, Instagram, or tweet your road schooling experience – but hey, why can’t you? This simple side hobby could very well turn into your new career.

Many college students are opting to take classes online. Schooling from their RV gives students the flexibility to travel, to gain education and job experience at the same time. There are many industries that offer a travel element too. The Medical field, Construction, and professional hobbyist, etc. are all great options. Just something to look into if you are nomadic in spirit!

How Roadschooling Works

Although the concept is seemingly self-explanatory, it isn’t as simple as picking up your child’s books and hitting the road. It takes careful planning, both financially and in terms of curriculum.

Before beginning your journey, the first step is to brush up on what the homeschool laws are in your state. You also need to confirm with the school district that roadschooling is an approved method of homeschooling.

Then, it’s time to get the budget straight. It may take a year or two to save up the money to spend the school year traveling. Between campground fees, food, gas, and the admission prices of attractions or landmarks you intend on visiting. You can also figure out ways you can make money on the road. Freelancing, remote work, or picking up a part-time workamper position are all great options.

Once you have been approved by the school district and are certain that your wallet can handle the challenge. It’s time to map out the curriculum. Home education is regulated on a state level, so the requirements will vary depending on your primary residence. No matter where you go, the homeschool laws of your home state will apply.

Being on the road gives you the liberty to take basic homeschooling requirements and to make them into an experience. This is the most exciting part of homeschooling!

Even though you are the teacher, your child plays a critical role in laying out the curriculum. After all, it is your child’s education we’re talking about here. The beauty of homeschooling is how personalized it can be. Allowing your child to flourish and explore their personal interests. It’s important to include them in this process so you can work together to create the best roadschooling experience.

In Conclusion

Roadschooling opens up a whole other door of personally enriching, unforgettable, and invaluable learning experiences. It takes the base homeschool curriculum and teaches your child how it’s applied in the real world. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to show them what they’re learning in person. Whether they are learning about the US Constitution, Yosemite National Park, or other National Landmarks.

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