Top 10 Reasons to Camp in a Cabin Versus A Tent

Are you the type of camping enthusiast that prefers to just pull up a rock and settle in for the night? Don’t worry, not many people are. We all have our own preferences when it comes to camping. The idea of camping is exciting and relaxing all at once. We all want to be one with nature, but often we would also love a clean bed, a flush toilet, and a safe place to put our phones at night. When a friend or family member eagerly suggests a camping trip, you can’t help but wonder exactly how much camping they’re really proposing?

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The good news is there is a perfect midpoint between camping and luxury: cabin camping. When tent camping just won’t cut it, here are our ten favorite things about cabin camping.

1) Cabins Are Structurally Sound

While it’s not exactly an every-day occurrence, tents can and do get blown over or drenched in extreme weather. Wind and rain both have the potential to ruin the tent camping experience. A cabin, on the other hand, has a foundation, solid walls, a roof, and isn’t going anywhere.

2) Bug Off…Pests

Ever found a spider in your bedding? Does the general thought of creepy crawlies give you the heebie-jeebies? An essential part of being comfortable with tent camping is also being comfortable with insects. If you can hang with the local ants and grasshoppers happily, enjoy tent camping. If you can’t stand the idea of it, know that cabins are much easier to seal, treat, and keep delightfully bug-free.

3) Relax in a Comfortable Bed

Sleeping bags aren’t for everyone, and neither is sleeping on the lumpy cold ground with nothing but a thin sheet of vinyl between you and mother nature. Whether it’s the limitations of your back or purely an issue of comfort on your vacation time, cabins offer a whole lot more than a floor to put your sleeping bag on. Most cabins come fully-equipped with comfy beds, with linens, and possibly even bunk-beds for friends and children.

4) Feel Less Cluttered

If you’ve ever been tent camping, you know that that tiny fabric room can get more than a little cluttered with your stuff. More often than not, the sleeping bags fight with the cooking supplies and board games for floor real-estate and nobody wins. In a cabin, there are counters, tables, chairs, and plenty of floor space to unpack your stuff and kick back once you’re settled in.

5) A Place to Host New Friends

If you’ve ever met another awesome fellow camper and tried to bring them back to your tent to hang out, you may have discovered that tents are not ideal hosting locations. Tents are cramped and often already packed with all your things that shouldn’t be left just sitting outside so they don’t make particularly good living rooms. If you would rather share a couch and a cup of hot coffee than crouch together around a fire pit, cabins are a great opportunity to make new friends who share your love of nature.

6) The Power of Electricity

If there is one thing that many cabins have that zero tents have, it’s power. Many campsites provide power to their cabins and some even leave a few welcoming amenities like a refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, and even a range stove for the bigger well-appointed cabins. This means you can charge your phone, play games on your laptop, enjoy fresh-brewed coffee in the morning, and all the other comforts of home away from home.

7) Clean Indoor Plumbing

Tent campsites, even those with flush toilets, are notorious for having questionably clean, scented, and enjoyable bathrooms. Some have latrines and composting toilets, while others simply have one big group bathroom near the center of the campsite. The good news is that cabins are much more likely to have the luxury of clean, well-kept flush toilets, a sink to wash your hands, and often even a shower. When you do find a cabin with indoor plumbing, it’s also important to realize that this means fresh water all through the trip so you don’t have to bring it in jugs.

8) Surrounded by But Not Overtaken by Nature

Camping is all about leaving home and being surrounded by nature. Tent camping takes this one step further and actually leaves you almost fully immersed in nature. If you prefer to take leisurely hikes and admire nature without actually getting covered in it, cabins are right for you. They are surrounded by nature, but allow you to have a clean, modern place to relax in before and after your adventure.

9) Kitchenette Versus Campfire

Cooking over an open campfire can be tricky. It gets even more complicated during the summer, when burn bans may be in place. A cabin with a kitchenette will provide both refrigeration and an indoor area for food preparation. This will help you keep your your perishable items at optimal temperatures without having to deal with a cooler and keeping everything iced down. It will also provide a backup cooking location if it rains during your stay! 

10) Home Base for More Outdoor Adventures

Finally, the best part about a cabin is everything you can do with the structure as your home base. You can completely unpack and prepare for a few days of leisure. You are free to use the cabin as a home-base for everything else you want to do in the region. From sketching local plant life to going on a rock-climbing adventure, you don’t have to worry about making it back before dark and everything will be cozy and exactly as you left it when you return.

Camping in a cabin is by far one of the coziest and most relaxing ways to enjoy the great outdoors. When you have limited vacation time, a cabin can provide you with all the relaxation you need without sleeping on the ground or going without your morning coffee.

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